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Message board rules

Rebel Net forums are dedicated to the discussion of UNLV athletics and recruiting. We want this to be an enjoyable, friendly and entertaining environment for the exchange of ideas, opinions, information, rumors and more about the Rebels.

We ask you to keep the conversation civil and in good taste. Keep in mind that this forum is read by young and old UNLV fans, by male and female Rebel supporters, by prospective recruits and their families, by coaches and university employees, and by people in office environments and at home around their children.

We will monitor the board under the following guidelines:

Keep the tone civil. Feel free to ask, debate and disagree as much as you like, but do it in a courteous and respectful manner.

Profanity or obscenities of any kind are not allowed, not even if disguised with asterisks.

Slanderous, defamatory, obscene, indecent, lewd, pornographic, violent, abusive, insulting, threatening and harassing comments are not tolerated. No personal attacks or disparaging comments may be made on recruits, current UNLV student-athletes or coaches as members of all three groups may potentially read it. "Disparaging" includes anything that could be construed as libelous. You can question the decisions of coaches, comment on the play of a team and discuss an opponent. Just do it in a respectful, responsible manner.

Personal attacks upon other posters are not allowed.

Passive aggressive or outright aggressive posts that are meant to either divide the community, draw attention to oneself, or to keep alive a debate that has run its course will not be tolerated. Repetitive posts used in an effort to skew the board may be deleted upon the discretion of site administrators and moderators.

No copyrighted material is allowed. Please use links instead of reposting material from another site.

Use good judgment when posting signature photos. Women must be wearing shorts and tops. Also, signatures should be a reasonable length and width.

Please do not promote Rebel-Net.com on any competitor's site. In turn, we expect the same courtesy to be shown here. Linking to a competitor's site will not be allowed. Administrators and moderators reserve the right to delete posts containing such material.

No advertising of any for-profit organizations, ventures or businesses is permitted.

We reserve the right to edit or delete any post that doesn't meet these guidelines. We may delete profanity or a personal attack from an otherwise informative post. Administrators and moderators also reserve the right to move posts or threads to the appropriate forum.

We reserve the right to blacklist anyone who doesn't abide by these guidelines. We will try to issue warnings before blacklisting anyone, but gross offenders will not receive warnings.

A rule of thumb if you wouldn't want your mother, your 11-year-old sister, brother, son or daughter, or your employer or co-worker to see the photo you are using as a signature or the message you've just posted, don't put it on the site.

The following is Rivals.com statement about the message boards as part of your user agreement:

The Rivals network is supported by advertising and the generous donations of services by several companies. The forums, chat rooms and other services are provided free of charge to users with the understanding that they are to be used for reasonable forms of communication, and not for "flaming," libel, or slander.

Users are responsible for the content of their own posts. By signing up to participate in the Rivals services, or by using these services you agree that Rivals is in no way responsible for the content of these services. By signing up to post on our forums and chat rooms, you agree that you are responsible for any content which you post, and that you will not post copyrighted content, illegal content, or other content that Rivals would find objectionable.

Rivals reserves the right to delete any post which it feels is inflammatory, libelous, or in any way contrary to the purpose of the Rivals network; however, as stated above, Rivals deletes these posts as a courtesy to readers and is not responsible for the content of posts that may or may not be deleted in a prompt manner.

Rivals also reserves the right to "blacklist" any user for any reason at any time. Any user that is blacklisted will no longer be able to post to any of Rivals' forums or chat rooms. Repeated abuse by a poster under several email addresses and nicknames will subject the user to notification of their behavior to their ISP and publishing of their personal information, including email addresses and phone number.




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